Random act of kindness

…for more on random acts of kindness, read Danny Wallace’s Join Me, which is bizarre and amusing.


My sister has recently had a fairly crap time with a new job not quite living up to expectations, a complicated last-minute move and a general lack of monies. I have only vaguely been aware of the ins and outs of these, but it’s not particularly nice to hear that post-uni life has not been treating her well. On Monday night she posted this on her facebook page:

Is having such a general mare at moment and doesn’t even have any chocolate to make it better!

which, admittedly, doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world. I don’t particularly know why it was this (and not any of the previous updates) that made me want to help especially (nor are we all that close, so it was somewhat out of character), I think I just felt sorry for her having absolutely no money, no petrol and limited food for the 3 days until she got paid. So, I ran off to the local supermarket (as an aside, late night supermarket shopping is a surreal experience) and got her some Emergency Chocolate, a Milka bar and some Haribo, chucking a tenner in too for good measure. This surprise was somewhat ruined by having to ask her for her address as neither of my parents had written it down yet, but she was still pretty over the moon when it arrived. Apparently the Milka’s been demolished already.

^ That’s an Emergency Chocolate bar, in case you’ve never come across one. It’s “for immediate relief of Chocolate Cravings, Lovesickness, Exam Pressure, Mild Anxiety and Extreme Hunger.” and you are instructed to “Tear open wrapper, break off desired dosage and consume. Alternatively massage into the affected area. Repeat dosage as required until finished. If symptoms persist consult your local confectioner.”. I’d seen it a while back whilst looking for cheap cooking chocolate and it made me chuckle.


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